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PAPDIS is a free and open data interface standard designed to allow payroll and middleware software developers to create a file that can be used by pension providers to receive information regarding pension contributions deducted from members and their employers that are due to be paid to the pension provider.

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Meeting minutes

14th November 2014

Pensions BIB
created PAPDIS

BIB is a group of representatives from 3 Payroll Developers organisations.

BIB meet with representatives of HMRC, DWP and other government bodies to discuss requirements for Payroll Software.

PAPDIS was created following discussions between representatives of both the payroll and pension industries who have worked together to provide a pragmatic set of data requirements, with concessions from all parties.

The Pensions Regulator and the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals Pensions’ Friends of AE were also actively involved in providing a forum for these discussions and for providing advice as required.

Message of support

"As the UK’s Chartered Institute for Payroll Professionals we know that our members are at the very epicentre of AE, playing a vital part in helping employers meet their duties. Many SMEs and Micros will struggle to cope with the data management and data transfer challenges they face, because of the complexity of the rules. PAPDIS will ease their administrative burden. It is therefore excellent that many market participants, from pensions and payroll, have been working collaboratively to create PAPDIS and the CIPP is pleased to have been directly involved, representing the interest of our members."
Lindsay Melvin, Chief Executive at the CIPP

"The Pensions Regulator is keen to encourage the development of products which will help employers meet their automatic enrolment duties. Employers will welcome standards such as this, which will allow the streamlined transfer of data between employers and pension providers to be handled in a standard way – and has the potential to increase the range of employer choice, if more payroll systems can communicate with more pension providers."
Neil Esslemont, Head of Industry Liaison at The Pensions Regulator